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kai, Thu,29.03.2007 - 10:47
>>Domain online again
The provider that hosts the domain (only to forward it) made changes to his configuration which rendered the domain dead for several days.
We called multiple times, wrote eMails, and never got a reply (only the call-center staff with the standard reply "we'll call you back...").

Days later, an impertinent technician, René Röhner, called us to declare it is all our fault! We had to explain him that that was not the case, which he finally understood...embarrassing for him.

So honestly: Never choose Tevonet ( as your provider! Only trouble and in the end, they blame customers for their own incompetency.
kai, Fri,23.03.2007 - 11:14
The domain does not show our site for the moment. We will try to fix that as soon as possible. will of course continue to be accessible via the subdomain
Sorry for the inconvience!
kai, Mon,25.12.2006 - 13:23
>>Worlds possibly largest QR Code is displayed in Hiroshima
An 11x11m QR Code has been attached to a building under construction in Hiroshima, Japan. The QR Code contains information (ie. a mobile-internet-link to information) about the property such as floor plans, costs, buying or leasing information etc.
Found in: Asahi News (japanese, with photo)
Sorry, the article isn't online anymore...
kai, Mon,23.10.2006 - 19:12
>> in spanish!!!
Thanks to Charlotte Ellerbrok, (most of) is now available in Spanish! If you also want to participate by translating language files, just drop us an eMail...
kai, Tue,03.10.2006 - 19:26
>>password via email
Forgot your password for It's no longer necessary to create a new login, varying your old nickname by a few letters...
You can now use the "forgot password" function. This function is available via the login menu and will send you a new password to your eMail adress. So all you need to remember is your eMail adress.

BTW: We can't send you your old password since we store passwords with a one-way encryption in our database!

This new function made it necessary to be able to change ones password (computer-generated passwords are usually very hard to memorise). You can do so under the new "profile" tab just next to "logout".
kai, Sat,30.09.2006 - 14:31
>>FAQ online
To answer all these questions, you didn't dare to ask, we set up a FAQ (frequently asked questions). We are working on it and filling it with content so please don't hesitate to use the contact form for any question you have about

While the FAQ is set up to speak all supported languages (English, German, Japanese and Portugese), English and German will be best looked after.
kai, Sun,24.09.2006 - 00:40
>>google.maps breakthrough tags are now shown in the google.maps. This will prevent users from creating redundant tags and of course give a great overview.

To the existant pages on (tag-creation and city-creation), a third "browse" page is available NOW!
kai, Thu,14.09.2006 - 12:09
>>News from Japan and improvement in our link
Fujitsu introduces a new, "invisible" Barcode and the Reader Software. The Barcode can be "hidden" in images: slight variations in the yellow tones can be recognised by the software and can even contain information like images, (probably) small movies or music. Seen in: Asahi Science News (japanese),
more: Fujitsu

Some news from us: our google earth layer now contains folders with categories. That will enable you to easily filter certain points of interests, like "arts & entertainment" etc.
Also, the tags are coloured by type now, distinguishing between 'private' (blue), 'public' (green) and 'commercial' (orange) tags.
kai, Tue,12.09.2006 - 14:34
>> link
Check out our network link:

KML File

Open this link with and you will see all tags in Thousand times faster than our own map engine, we have to admit.
kai, Sun,10.09.2006 - 21:13
>> and your city
Users can now create new cities! Feel free to add your homecity to our database and spread the word!

For bigger cities, dividing cities into "districts" will be interesting.
kai, Tue,05.09.2006 - 23:21
>>ARS Electronica was...
great! A jolly good time. Seen great things, heard superp music and took part in an interesting symposium about the goblin city. It was also nice to hear some feedback on
All in all, the days in Linz were wonderfull.
Thank you, Pascal and Ellen.
kai, Mon,28.08.2006 - 12:07
>> now really works in WAP on your mobile phone. You browse through intralinks, search for tags and (like before) add your comments to a tag.

We changed the WAP pages from WML to XHTML, with the result that the mobile-site doesn't look that grey anymore. Try it out!
kai, Sun,27.08.2006 - 03:30
>>city maps and 600 tags
We are now at 600 tags. Are we ever going to have 1000?

But more importantly: the map-engine is rewritten and we can now create cities all over the world. We can also underlay maps in our map view. The translation between our maps and googles maps seems to work.
kai, Thu,24.08.2006 - 19:33
>>ARS Electronica
I am happy announce that Philipp and I are going to present on the ARS Electronica 2006. We are going to be there from August the 31st until September the 4th.
kai, Thu,24.08.2006 - 19:25
>>tag creation via google maps
It's done - the form to add a new tag has been simplified and at the same time extended by a nice That enables us to finally grow out of Aachen. Linz is the first city to be added to the database.
kai, Wed,23.08.2006 - 02:59
>>QR Code Reader
Today we finally got a Nokia 6670 to actually test the QR Codes (yes, until now we had to enter the tag-ID in WAP manually...). They work and it is real fun! We tried Glass and kaywa, which both work good.
We changed the code contents so that now, you automatically get directed to (and the specific tag) once you "shoot" a tag.
kai, Mon,21.08.2006 - 03:15
>>Geo Coordinates and google maps
We are nearly done with converting the maps coordinate system to GPS compatible values (WGS84). This will enable us to create tags using the google maps API: this is much faster than our PHP rendered maps (which will of course remain a core feature of for its analystic rendering features). You can see a first beta beta version of the map here (sorry for the long loading time - google maps does not seem to like 500+ markers, but we are working on it)
kai, Thu,17.08.2006 - 22:35
>>Cities and Districts
On the way to enable denCity to grow out of Aachen, it is now possible to edit the city of each tag. The biggest next step in the near future will be to completely rewrite the coordinate system of the maps of and maybe make it compatible to google maps.
kai, Thu,17.08.2006 - 01:47
>>new Blog online
As we are continuing to develop for the next few weeks, we started this blog to write about the ongoing process.
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