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page overview:
  1. impression - illustration of a new city-perception
  2. Introduction - Brief introduction into
  3. maps - Explanation of some map-functions
  4. Text - detailled explanation of the project
  5. map features - practical examples with descriptions
  6. sample maps - Examples
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illustration of a new city-perception
welcome examines the enrichment of real urban sites by a virtual dimension of information and networking, this being accomplished by localising the virtual.

The following pages shall give an introduction into the project The pages are part of the website, which forms the core of the project - the main object of the website is to show how the structure of is perceived by the user. For this purpose, dynamically generated maps (ie. customisable maps) are the visual frontend of the project. To get directly to, just click on "back to project" at the bottom of each page. is created by Kai Kasugai and Philipp Hoppe.
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illustration of a new city-perception
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