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What is
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Let's put the idea in simple words: Places in urban space are tagged (i.e. marked) by 2D-Barcodes, that are readable by mobile camera phones. These so called QR-Codes contain nothing but the name of the tag and an identification (ID). The mobile will access WAP (mobile Internet) to get the related information on This can be simple information like opening-hours, description about the place, tips etc. But also knows the physical (real) location of the tag, since the user specified this upon its creation. It can thus give relevant links to other tags (nearby). Also, the user can leave information: He or she can write comments or rate the tag (other interactions might be added in the future). Locative forums emerge - traces of users in actual space.
posted by kai, 28.09.2006
What is a tag?
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After the user enters a new tag into, he or she will retrieve a page with a 2D-Barcode to print. The user can now attach the printed 2D-Barcode to the site/location, that he specified in By this doing so, he will "tag" the location.
posted by kai, 29.09.2006
How do I create tags?
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We are trying to make the tag creation in as simple as possible:
Click on "create new tag" on the index page. You will see a map (a to be precise) on that you can specify the location where the tag will be attached. Now enter a name and a category (in order to classify the tag). After submitting the information, you will get an overview page of the tag. Scroll down and you'll see it: The 2D-barcode, generated specifically for your tag (containing its name and an identification number). You can print it by first clicking "high resolution for printout" and then printing the page (the browser knows to omit everything but the 2D-Barcode).
posted by kai, 29.09.2006
How can I read tags with my mobile camera phone?
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You'll need special software, that recognises the 2D-Barcodes (QR-Codes). We recommend glass by activeprint. Currently, glass only runs on mobiles with the operation system symbian. (The glass-website says it runs on Nokia 3650, 3660, 6600, 6630, 6670, 6680, 7610, 7650, N70 and N90, and Siemens SX1.
posted by kai, 30.09.2006
My city does not appear in the lists, can I enlist cities in on my own?
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Of course you can. Simply select manage cities on the index page. Then select city, locate the centre of the city and enter a name. Now click create. You can later modify the name if you need to and also delete the city again, unless it contains tags already.
posted by kai, 30.09.2006
Why is not available in my language?
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Next to English and German, is also available in some other languages: Japanese (translated by Michihiko Kasugai), Portugese (Philipp Hoppe) and Spanish (Charlotte Ellerbrok). is rendered by language-files. These files are simple text files, containing sentences, words and fragments in a list. Translation is thus relatively comfortable. So if you want in your language, just tell us and we will send you one of the language file sets (whichever language is best for you to translate from).
posted by kai, 23.10.2006 (last update 25.12.2006)

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